Budget Buster

Budget Buster will help you keep track of all your finances. Easily keep track of where you are spending your money by creating categories and keeping your transaction ledger up to date while you are on the go. You can also customize each category color for easier viewing.


The most configurable alarm app on the app store, Alarmageddon is your one stop shop for all your alarm and timer needs! Whether you need an alarm once, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or yearly, Alarmageddon has got you covered! Never fret about forgetting to set your alarm again, you can set your alarms days, weeks, or months ahead of time when you are thinking about it. Don't worry about converting between timezones, set your current timezone under settings and let Alarmageddon handle all the conversions and time changes for you! No more calculating time differences to make sure you don't call far away friends or family in the middle of the night. Each alarm you create features its own alarm sound and you can set alarms across multiple timezones. No more excuses for oversleeping for forgetting to set your alarm!

Easy Amortization

Easy Amortization will calculate interest charges over time for a given loan amount and interest rate. If you specify how many terms (pay periods) there will be, it will calculate your monthly payment and when your pay off date will be. You can also specify how much you can afford per month which will calculate how long till your pay off date.

Deal Scanner

Check the price of thousands of products on Amazon.com while you're out shopping to see if you can get a better deal! Just scan the barcode and this app will take you directly Amazon.com's product listing. This is not an official Amazon.com app. Why Amazon? Amazon is the worlds #1 leader in customer service and has the best shipping program of any online retailer with their Amazon Prime shipping program.


Purchase points to stay on top of the leaderboard. You can purchase points for the following 3 causes -Environment points for Natural Resources Defense Council -Science points for American Association for the Advancement of Science -Space points for NASA Points are awarded immediately upon purchase and tallied quarterly before dispersed to each cause. 1.00% of each purchase is held for processing.


Manages a list of gifts for friends and family by scanning in bar codes while out shopping. If the item is in our database will link you to a page online where you can purchase later if you like.

You can easily see which birthdays are coming up using the birthday countdown next to each of your friends. Easily share your list of items scanned with friends and family with a simple code via SMS.

We will tell you if the item you have scanned has been purchased for someone in your list so you don't have to worry about someone getting the same gift twice.

BWindow Library

A cross-platform c++ library capable of creating windows and widgets

Demos available for download soon

BWGL Library

A cross-platform c++ library capable of drawing to BWindow screens with OpenGL

Demos available for download soon

Break Out!

Break Out! is a cross-platform classic remake of the original Break Out game. This game uses BWindow and BWGL libraries to display game content. Made possible by LearnOpenGL

Remote Cam

Remote Cam connects with Canon EOS digital cameras and allows you to remotely configure various settings. Uses widgets included with the BWindow library

Function Screensaver

Source and binaries available for download soon

Function Screensaver is a light weight screensaver that can be downloaded and installed to your windows machine. It cycles through multiple functions on fill, wire-frame, and vertices only for each polygon it renders. Source available on github here: GLScreenSaver